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Tally Prime

Course Information

  • Course Price Rs 5000/-
  • Place Gandhipuram,Coimbatore
  • Total Students 800+
  • Course Duration 4 Weeks
  • Course Start July 25, 2016

Tally Prime Course

Tally Prime Accounting Software allows us to send payment reminders or generating powerful reports. It helps us chomp numbers and makes it easy to know exactly how our business is performing.

Tally Prime provides us all us need, in one place so that us can concentrate on building a business. We can get accurate financial records to make key operational decisions and streamline our business processes.

Tally Prime is much easy. Whether us want to track our sales and expenses, create estimates or create professional invoices, Tally Prime provides simple, seamless and effortless solutions to give us a clear view of our key data in one place. It helps us to generate reports and analysis to empower us with information to act on.

Save Time - By allowing us to spend less time on manual calculations and automating our accounting tasks, Tally Prime helps us get more work done in less time, thus saving valuable time that we can now spend other development activities.

Get paid on time - Every time by setting up automatic credit card payments, instant notifications and recurring invoices for our repeat clients, we can have on-time payments.

Detailed insights - If our chart of accounts is set up properly, we can use accounting software to track our transactions by departments, projects, locations, or classes. We are able to get a perfect picture of what our income is accountable to and what were our areas of expense, helping us to generate more specific reports and make strategic decisions.

Course Outline

Title Course Time Spent Time Status
1. Order processing 15:30 13:80 Successful
2.Import & Export 15:30 13:80 Successful
3. Automatic Rounding 15:30 - Successful
4. Sales and Purchase order 15:30 13:80 Successful
5. Security Controll 15:30 - Waiting
6.Payroll System in Tally Prime 15:30 13:80 -